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questions and answers

1. How long does the delivery take?

Answer: Finished shipments are delivered within 1 working day by priority shipping. For individual shipments, you should plan at least 3 additional working days.

2. I want a very specific necklace, can you create it for me?

Answer: We have over 10,000 different pearls in stock and should be able to create your necklace. Simply describe the chain you would like to have during the ordering process.

3. Do you also engrave pearls?

Answer: Unfortunately we don't engrave any pearls ourselves.

4. I have a MAM pacifier. Can I also attach the pacifier chain to these?

Answer: Yes, that is also possible. The loop is put through one of the holes and then the entire pacifier chain is pulled through the loop once. Here is an example video.

Alternatively, we also offer silicone rings.

5. Where can I enter my discount code?

Answer: Discount codes can be entered during the payment process.

6. Can you gift wrap my order?

Answer: Every order is packed as a gift in an organza bag, as in the example here .

7. I want my cute picture on the homepage, what do I have to do?

Answer: Very simple! Just send me the picture via email, Instagram or Facebook and we will put it on our homepage.

8. How can I ask more questions?

Answer: If you have an unanswered question, just drop by our 24/7 customer service .

We will answer you as soon as possible.