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Standards and guidelines

The quality and safety of our products have top priority.

For this reason, the pacifier chains are manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 12586 (new standard for pacifier holders). Therefore, the length of the pacifier chain (without clip) is limited to a maximum of 22 cm.

DIN EN 71 for the safety of toys is taken into account.

All articles are:
sweat- and saliva-proof, colourfast, rust- and nickel-free as well as free of harmful substances and are manufactured in compliance with the above standards. Saliva can soften the wooden materials and loss of color is unavoidable. This does not affect security. The pacifier chains can still be used without restriction.

* Saliva-proof means:
- Contact with saliva, such as wetting with it, does not lead to any detachment / wear and tear of the paint.
- Saliva contact in connection with mechanical influence (e.g. chewing, biting, sucking, abrasion) inevitably leads to the separation of the color. Likewise, suck the "constant" on it, the fibers can swell and the color can also loosen.

Safety instructions:
- Please keep the pacifier chain dry.
- Never clean the chain with strong detergents or disinfectants, only with a damp cloth.
- The pacifier chain contains small parts that can be swallowed and should therefore only be used under supervision.
- Please check before each use and discard the chain at the first sign of defects or damage.
- Please only attach the pacifier chain directly to clothing, never to straps, ribbons or loose parts of clothing, your child can strangle themselves with it.
- Never lengthen the pacifier chain.
- Do not use the pacifier chain when the child is in a playpen, bed or cradle.
- Do not allow your child to use the pacifier chain as a toy.
- Do not use the pacifier chain while you sleep.
- Check whether both ends of the pacifier chain are actually well fixed.

If the safety regulations are required / lost, these can be requested from:

Individual articles

Please note that the pictures of the articles serve only as examples and that slight deviations, such as the use and / or arrangement of the pearls due to the length of the name, etc., are reserved.