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Pacifier chain set
Pacifier chain set
Pacifier chain set
Pacifier chain set
Pacifier chain set
Pacifier chain set
Pacifier chain set
Pacifier chain set
Pacifier chain set
Pacifier chain set
Pacifier chain set
Pacifier chain set
Pacifier chain set

Pacifier chain set

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In this set you get:

  • Pacifier chain with the baby's name ( 25 € )
  • Clutching toy with the baby's name ( 25 € )
  • Carriage chain with the baby's name ( 4 5 € )

Recommended by 10 out of 10 professional babies.

✔️ Shipping with shipment tracking

Finished shipments are delivered within 1 working day. It takes at least 3 more working days to create the shipment.

✔️ 24/7 customer service

Our customer service has been modernized with intelligent functions so that we can help you at any time.

✔️ Guaranteed baby-friendly

My pacifier chains and other products are quality-tested and completely harmless for babies and adults alike.

✔️ Sweat and saliva proof

Contact with saliva, such as wetting with it, does not lead to any delamination / wear and tear of the colors, so that the products can be used for a long time.

✔️ Disinfected and hygienic

Before the production of my products, the parts are disinfected and we always use gloves during production, for your health.

Choose the name

We use different letters to easily build the baby's name into the necklace.

Own design

Choose your favorite pearls and we will create your own pacifier chain for you!

Nothing for you?

No problem! Just write us your wishes in the comment field above and we will take them into account.

* Double names are only built into the car chain
** Please note that the clips of the car chain can only be attached to flat or soft car arches.
*** Please note that the pictures serve only as an example and the end product may differ in the use / arrangement of the pearls due to the length of the name or the like.

Karsten W.
As I already mentioned on Facebook, I am still very happy with the chain set. ❤ Lovingly handmade, super quality! Thank you very much ♡♡♡ Kind regards Cremer / Well
Chiara V.
I am very satisfied with the set and also with the workmanship. I would recommend the quality is great.
Jenny Z.
If the color wasn't actually baby blue, I also stated that
Claudine g.
I already found this cute set in the pictures, fantastic but in the original it is much more beautiful. Super processed, great quality and super super cute. The time until it's there was definitely worth it, and I can really only recommend it for this price.
Nadja F.
Looks very nice, has we fell in love with it
Astrid H.
Super beautiful :) I'm thrilled !!
Kim S.
I really like the article and I can't wait to finally show it to everyone and use it. Thank you :)
Semsi O.
Very nice
Lisa S.
A very nice one Workmanship and it looks great.
Michaela G.
Super nice and high quality gift
Sandy M.
Very satisfied, would order it again and again :)
Heike R.
It looks very cute. Great quality. I can recommend to everyone who is looking for something individual to give away! Shipping as described. Top
Markus W.
Super quality. A great set which was very nicely packaged
Sarah W.
Super nice set. Great colors, great material. We are totally excited
Sarah K.
We love it
Adriana N.
Me love these chains and the graphics are mega great
Daniela K.
Foulnten S.
Just WOW! ❤️ Thank you for such a nice pacifier chain set.
Michaela S.
I gave it away to my sister, she was really happy about it
Jana W.
Nice set and a very good quality ☺️
Kerstin S.
Super nice chains. Very high quality and also super processed. I'm super satisfied with it
Nadine N.
Good workmanship.Colors go well with each other Will definitely recommend you to others.
Kathleen K.
A super nice necklace. We are completely enchanted
Yvonne P.
Very nicely processed and great quality. Delivery on time and everything perfect. Absolute recommendation!
Lisa R.
Super easy!
Lee-Ann H.
I had this set made for my little sister, who will see the light of day in a few days / weeks. I just love it and I'm so happy to have discovered this site! Many thanks to the Schnullerkettchen team
Sandra H.
We love our set ❤️ Order a set for our second son now. Looking forward to it
Sandy V.
Great material and workmanship. Will recommend it to others. And definitely order again
Petra M.
It's super nice, the waiting time was worth it :) Thank you for that, we love it !!!
The waiting time was definitely worth it. I already love the set ❤️ I would order here again at any time.
Simon V.
Super well processed. And it looks so mega thanks for all the effort. Was immediately recommended to friends
Jacqueline P.
Super great things
Vanessa B.
Karm an today looks mega cute would order again and again
Denise D.
Great workmanship, really very, very satisfied, I can only recommend it :)
Vanessa C .
I like the set very much. Is nice and soft and light. Unfortunately, the tab for the pacifier is a few millimeters too small. Attaching it will be a challenge
I am very satisfied and will also order a set for my second child who comes in July!
Mareike B.
We are so in love, the chains are just great, our wishes were fully met ☺️ now our little darling can come
P T.
I'm very satisfied, very great work and beautiful colors .. processed with love
Verena S.
Great job !!
Melanie S.
The set is sooo cute Thank you, I will definitely order again
Uta S.
Meeega, you don't need more words
Bianca Z .
Thank you very much for the great set! On the photo you can only see the wagon chain, I used it as a reminder of my belly. It's really super great material, superbly processed and simply beautiful
Nadine L.
Great material, great design. My daughter will definitely love it
Christin D.
Great work, great material and my wishes taken into account and implemented very well. 1000% happy with it
Merve Ö.
I can hardly do it describe the three things are so beautiful and they are even more beautiful
Sevim S.
It is simply wonderfully beautiful, very stable and neatly processed! Always happy Thank you very much
Milena M.
I love it
Katharina F.
I am so in love with this wonderful set. Thank you very much. You are great! Keep it up.
Nais M.
Looks really nice .. exactly what I imagined Thank you
I really love it, good quality and just wonderful ❤ would buy and recommend something again and again.
Michelle A.
Beautiful I can only recommend the set Very good quality.
Mirjam-Mira S.
Great workmanship and a wonderful sight.
Super satisfied! 100% recommendation! We love the products
Hacer K
Very satisfied, great quality. I can only recommend it. Many thanks to the Schnullerkettchen team.
Hacer K.
Very good quality, I am very satisfied. Thanks again to the Schnullerkettchen team.
Melani V.
The set looks beautiful. I can recommend you 100%. My request was also accepted. Thanks very much!
Laura S.
Mega become great only to be recommended I'm really in love with the set *. *
It turned out wonderful
Gyljsan J.
Looks super nice.
Michelle H.
I love it So beautiful
Kezo M.
I am more than satisfied, you can see your great work. It looks very nice and friends / relatives always ask where I got it from :) I always recommend you to others. I wish you all the best for the future.
Katharina S.
We are completely in love with the beautiful set for our daughter ❤ if you need more you are our first choice
Wonderful set We are enthusiastic and recommend it to everyone
Are totally enthusiastic, always happy to answer questions you got great a quick answer We love this set ❤
Nadine E.
Totally happy with mine Chains, they turned out really nice and the material is also great. I'm happy when the little one is born and we can use it.
Alina Ö.
Great workmanship, great value for money, it just looks great. Are enthusiastic
Sejla B.
Super quality. Great customer contact ❤️
Saskia P.
Super nice things
Jennifer H.
Mega nice Things, always happy
Jennifer H.
Sooooo great things. Always happy
Bahar B.
Ohhh meiiin Goooott I really don't know what to say it is soo beautiful and sweet really very beautiful could not imagine it better many, many Thanks again❤️ And thank you for the fast delivery
I'm totally thrilled. I would order the pacifier chain here again and again
Denise Janette B.
A super cute set! I love it and am already looking forward to it when my daughter is born and can use it. Made with a lot of love and effort ❤️ Really great
Claudia K.
It just turned out wonderfully ❤️ and I think my sister-in-law will like it a lot too .. She gets it for Christmas for the little princess, who discovers the light of day in March Thank you very much
Sabrina B.
Very nicely done, thank you ❤
I am very satisfied with the set. I can only recommend it to everyone. I am very grateful for that.
So the delivery was a pure disaster ... (but could also have been an exceptional case) The processing and the result is really great! I was really very skeptical but I am really surprised!
Michelle M.
Super nice workmanship, very nice material.
Damla G.
Just tip top !!! Many thanks to the Schnullerkettchen team !! I love it !!!!
Nelli P.
I'm thrilled !! Everything was implemented as requested!